"You don't know the truth"

In August 2018, model Cara Delevingne (27, "Margos Tracks") and actress Ashley Benson (30, "Pretty Little Liars") were seen together for the first time. Now the two separated and especially Benson reaps criticism online. Not least because she was only recently seen together with rapper G-Eazy (30, "Him & I"), even when kissing. Negative comments pile up – and Delevingne rushes to help. According to Us Weekly, she now protects her ex-girlfriend with clear words.

"To everyone who is hostile to Ashley Benson, please stop it," the 27-year-old British woman is said to have written in an Instagram story. "You don't know the truth, only she and I do, and that's exactly how it should be." Delevingne had previously emphasized that it was "more important than ever before" to spread "love, not hate".



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