Back to normal weight, but …

Actress Isabell Horn (36) spoke in an Instagram post about the traces the pregnancies left on her: "Even if it is not visible at first glance and I have regained my normal weight, the two pregnancies also have my body changed, ”she wrote, adding:“ And I don't just mean my caesarean scar. My breasts wanted to go hiking and apparently feel more comfortable one floor down. ”

"But what the heck," explains the actress in the article, that she was "so thankful and proud" of her body. "He gave me two healthy, wonderful children and that's the only thing that matters! Every woman is perfect and 'enough' as she is. "

The former "good times, bad times" actress became a mother in July 2019. "I will never forget this magical moment when I was allowed to hold Ella and Fritz in my arms for the first time," she enthuses in her new post. Her daughter was born in March 2017.



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