A tragic accident in the United States. In the state of Georgia, a small plane with a total of 5 people on board crashed in the woods near Lake Oconee. None of the five inmates survived the crash. It was later discovered that the victims were an entire family who had taken the flight to attend an Indiana funeral.

The terrible misfortune had already occurred on Friday afternoon. On this day, the members of the Lamont family decided to leave Florida for a flight to Indiana, some 1,700 kilometers away, to attend a funeral there. As the “New York Post” reports, the family was traveling in a twin-engine Piper PA-31T. The plane then crashed in the forests of Georgia for an unknown cause. The couple Charles (41) and Jody Rae (43) Lamont, their two children Alice (4) and Jayce (6) and Jody Rae’s father Larry Ray Pruit (67) died. The latter had flown the plane at the time of the accident.

So far, there is no guessing why this dramatic accident happened. However, police officials confirmed that aviation experts should now investigate the cause of the crash. The plane had started in Williston / Florida and was supposed to fly to Indiana. But about half of the way the whole family crashed for an unknown cause. When the crash occurred, the plane was completely burned out.


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