An expert on housing commented on the incident in Orekhovo-Zuyevo

Expert on utilities, commented on the incident in Orekhovo-Zuyevo

the Chairman of the Union of housing associations, Konstantin Krokhin commented on the TV channel Moscow 24 gas explosion in five-storey building in Orekhovo-Zuevo.

He noted that in different regions of Russia in winter, regularly accidents, which are accompanied by human victims. Krokhin said that the gas system of supervision, which must monitor this currently does not work.

“This is happening for the last four to five years. The fact that the gas supplier must monitor the use of household appliances residents. Citizens are not very conscious in this area, and in practice no serious control faulty indoor gas networks and gas equipment there,” Krokhin said.

He drew attention to the fact that industrial plants is not happening of such accidents. Krokhin explained that this is due to the presence of the Supervisory authority in the form of RTN. He noted that the control system and the system of gas supplies divorced, with the result that everyone is responsible for their competence.

“In the housing sector it is not. We have a duty to monitor the condition of the gas equipment assigned to the service provider. <...> This a systemic problem, despite the annual accidents and casualties, can not be solved, and this is the key reason why this is happening,” – said Krokhin.

He gave the example of a private individual building in the Moscow region. Krokhin said that this sector is also virtually no such incidents. He explained that the gas equipment is not allowed to mount without any special alarm.

“Accidents, mostly occurring in apartment houses, whose residents in this area abandoned. They are unable to exercise control and to be conscious, unfortunately. And, those bodies should follow up on this, virtually no,” said Krokhin.

Explaining the problemsOS agencies that should be responsible for monitoring the use of gas, Krokhin told that Russia actually has no gas service or gas inspections, which would be followed during this portion of liability in apartment buildings.

“we Have a gas emergency service, which should arrive, if you smell. But we have no state Agency that would monitor the serviceability of equipment and has issued regulations to ban the use of equipment that is faulty. This is a key issue that is not solved”, – said Krokhin.

He also commented on the problem of security in the connection of the gas equipment in old houses. Krokhin said that the question was considered two years ago, when there was a similar crash with a large number of victims.

He noted that houses built in 1970-1980-ies, make up about 80% of the total housing stock in Russia. Krokhin believes that the state program on transfer of buildings to the electric supply in matters relating to household services.

“But this is a serious work of software that you need under the leadership of the state to perform. Today, unfortunately, neither the government nor the local authorities these questions are not put, and every year we are seeing such accidents,” concluded Krokhin.

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the Incident happened in the house 31 along the street Gagarin in Orekhovo-Zuevo. Currently, it is known about seven victims of the incident, one of them died.

the Governor of Moscow region Andrey Vorobyov has commented on the situation. He promised that all residents of the house will provide tea and hot meals. He asked the locals not to interfere with the rescue workers to carry out work. Vorobyov said that the experts will need about 6 hours to fully clear its.

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