Apache 207 is back with new music and announces a new project in the music video, which should be released at the end of July. Is it about a new record?

Rapper Apache 207 conquered the German hip-hop charts with songs like “Roller” and “Why are you doing this to yourself?”. Last year alone, his songs were streamed around 700 million times. On Friday he released his new single “Fame” including video, with the artist announcing the successor to his EP “Platte” from 2019. According to the music video, the new project is called “Stairwell” and will be released on July 31, 2022.

Apache 207: Das ist sein neuer Song "Fame"

Photo: Sony Music

After “Platte” comes “Stairwell”

In his new video for the single “Fame”, you can see Apache 207, whose real name is Volkan Yaman, strutting through a hallway and opening different doors behind which bizarre scenes take place. In a white tank top, high-rise, washed-out jeans and sunglasses, he raps the lines “After 22 years I understood that my father didn’t just want to get tipped over”.


In the new song “Fame”, the Mannheim rapper Apache 207 grapples with the fame that he has achieved through his music. He made his mother a millionaire, while he still puts his little sister to bed in the evening and walks the streets at night and sometimes puts one on the mouth. “I stand where I stand because I am what I am,” he says in a verse. Even if he doesn’t shine like a typical rapper due to his down-to-earth attitude, you can believe the 22-year-old giant with brown, long hair.

“Fame” is the first single release from the second album “Staircase”, which will be released on July 31, 2022. Unfortunately, the Mannheimer had to postpone his first tour, which was scheduled for April and May and sold out within four minutes.


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