Offspring at Schwarzenegger: Katherine Schwarzenegger (30) and Chris Pratt (40) are expecting their first child together. Now for the first time, the future grandpa Arnold Schwarzenegger (72) spoke extensively about the news. In a switch on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” the “Terminator” said to the moderator: “The fact that Katherine is pregnant and expecting a baby is really exciting news.” However, he does not know when the exact date of birth is: “Sometime in summer.”

Schwarzenegger is looking forward to playing and having fun with his grandson or granddaughter: “Whatever it will be,” Schwarzenegger adds with a laugh. It was a unique experience for him. At least the gene pool is pretty perfect for the baby: “Think about it: the baby will be part of Kennedy, part of Schwarzenegger, part of Pratt.” Schwarzenegger’s ex-wife Maria Shriver (64) is the daughter of Eunice Kennedy, a sister of Robert, Edward and John F. Kennedy.

He continues his thoughts jokingly: “I mean, we can just do everything. We can solve the Cuban Missile Crisis, kill the Predator with our bare hands and train dinosaurs. ”You have a lot of power in the family. He wished only one thing for the child: that it should not inherit its Austrian accent.


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