Capital: € 3 million
Age: 43
Born: 12/04/1976
Country of origin: Federal Republic of Germany
Source of wealth: Entrepreneurs
Last updated: 2023

Short introduction

Bastian Yotta is a German entrepreneur and reality TV star, best known for his participation in the RTL jungle camp (“I am a star – get me out of here!”) In 2019 and the display of his excessive lifestyle. According to his own statements, he spends 100,000 euros per month on his lifestyle. In 2018, Yotta was arrested for tax evasion because he was said to have failed to pay tax in the United States, where he has been officially resident for several years, and in Germany.

Early life

Bastian Yotta was born on December 4, 1976 as Bastian Josef Gillmeier in Landshut, Bavaria. According to his own information, he studied business administration, law and sports science and then worked as an insurance broker. At the early age of 21, Yotta married his childhood sweetheart at the time. The marriage was divorced after only nine years. Bastian Yotta has two daughters with his ex-wife. The entrepreneur was also not very lucky on the second attempt: after less than five years he got married with wife number 2.


Before Bastian Yotta became known to the general public, he operated Beauty Studios and founded the company GiBaCon together with his then partner Maria Hering. Under his real name Bastian Gillmeier, he published the book “MindSlimming: The Revolutionary Weight Loss Method” in 2015, which presents his concept for losing weight. Through targeted training of the subconscious mind, the body is to be trimmed for weight loss. According to his own statement, this method should have helped the author, who used to be chubby himself, to lose weight.

In 2014 Bastian Yotta moved with his girlfriend Maria at the time to Los Angeles. “The Yottas” let their followers participate in their excessive lifestyle in the Hollywood Hills via Instagram. Thrift and modesty were not among the ideas of the two Germans: luxury, pomp and showmanship shaped the everyday life of Bastian and Maria. ProSieben’s lifestyle magazine also became aware of the Yottas: in 2015, the weekly series “The fabulous Life of Yottas” was published. The following year the couple received “Yottas! Through America at full throttle! ” its own four-part documentary series, also on ProSieben.

After the couple announced their separation in 2016, Bastian Yotta participated in the RTL dating show “Adam sucht Eva – Promis im Paradies” in 2017, a format in which more or less well-known German personalities face each other naked on a desert island. Yotta got to know and love reality TV star Natalia Osaka. The two emerged as the winners of the format and left the show as a couple. However, love was short-lived: just a few weeks later, Yotta and Osada announced the end of their relationship. In 2018, Yotta’s second book “The Yotta Bible” appeared, in which the entrepreneur gives his readers tips on financial independence and tells about his career “from homeless to Hollywood”.

In 2019 Bastian Yotta moved to RTL format “I’m a star – get me out of here!” as a candidate in the jungle camp. There he particularly stood out due to his extraordinary attempts to motivate his fellow candidates for jungle tests. He finished fifth.

Again and again it was said in the media that Bastian Yotta was broke. Not least because the entrepreneur was arrested at Frankfurt Airport in 2018 for tax evasion. He is said to owe 300,000 euros to a German bank and allegedly cheated a couple by 1.6 million euros. Yotta herself dismissed the accused.

Career highlights

Bastian Yotta markets the GlobalSkin, MindSlimming and GiBaCon brands under the Yotta Life brand. With GlobalSkin, he sells beauty devices that are used in 25 beauty studios, among others, that he helped build. MindSlimming is a method of losing weight that Yotta markets in a book. Behind GiBaCon is a technology for artificial intelligence that is supposed to support seniors digitally. About the latter, Yotta claimed a few years ago that the software would bring him millions in a few years.

Famous quotes

“I am a money magnet!”

“More is more”

“Yotta means mega of everything”

“I am strong, healthy and full of energy!”

“I feel better and better and better every day and in every way!”

Success tips

Yotta’s success tips are strongly reminiscent of mottos of other personalities and the well-known motivational sayings from Instagram and Co. For example, he preaches: “The sky is not the limit” and “It is better to die upright than to kneel”. In his book “The Yotta Bible” he throws wisdom like “Incidentally, each of us writes the script of his life, but most of them, unfortunately, pass the pen on to someone else”.


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