Capital: € 140 million
Age: 39
Born: 12/07/1980
Country of origin: United States of America
Source of wealth: Entrepreneurs
Last updated: 2024

Short introduction

Dan Bilzerian is heir, investor, poker star, actor and influencer.

Early life

Born in Tampa, Florida, he is the son of entrepreneur Paul Bilzerian. Coming from Armenia and emigrating to the USA, Paul Bilzerian was a specialist in taking over companies. Before Paul Bilzerian had to file for bankruptcy and serve a prison term, he had already distributed large sums of his assets within the family. Dan Bilzerian’s stake in this is estimated at $ 100 million and is held in a trust fund. His brother, Adam Bilzerian, brought Dan to poker. Dan Bilzerian was with the US Armed Forces for a while, but left before completing his training. He started studying criminology and economics, but he didn’t finish either.


Dan Bilzerian has been a poker professional since 2009. At the World Series Of Poker he finished 180th in the first year. The following year he was voted the funniest poker player on Twitter. According to Bilzerian, he won about $ 11 million in poker in 2013 and over $ 50 million in 2014. He is also an Instagram star and played minor roles in several films. He invested 1 million in the film Lone Survivor, in which he had a voice role. He later went to court because the time of his appearance, contrary to the agreement, was shortened. Dan Bilzerian often shows up with weapons, that’s what he is known for and many of his Instagram posts have to do with it. For a photo by the Hustler magazine, Dan Bilzerian was supposed to throw the erotic actress Janice Griffith from his house roof, 3 meters below, into his pool. However, he hadn’t thrown them far enough, so Ms. Griffith broke her foot at the poolside. The video went viral. Dan likes animals. He has one and a goat and two cats that have large fan bases on Instagram.

Career highlights

1999 Starts training with the US Navy
2003 U.S. Navy leaves without graduation
2009 World Series of Poker, 180th place
Announced in 2013 that he won $ 10.8 million in poker in 1 night
2014 actor in Lone Survivor
2014 announced that he had won over $ 50 million in 2014
2015 temporarily goes into the election campaign for the US President
2015 actor in Extraction
2016 actor in War Dogs
2016 guest at Larry King Now
2017 survivor of the concert attack in Las Vegas
2019 will gain 4 million additional followers on Instagram
2024 has over 30 million followers on Instagram

Famous quotes

“Climbing a mountain is always more fun than sitting on the top. It’s just that you always have to find new mountains to climb. ”

“When a person bluffs a lot in poker, they think everyone else bluffs more often. People equate things with their own way of life. ”

“It is difficult to stay on the floor. I know I am not. I know I will have to press the reset button at some point. ”

As part of his application for the office of US President, he was asked what he would like to have shown on his flyer. The answer was: “I don’t care as long as I ride on a turtle with a machine gun”.

“It’s crazy how many women have forgotten their shoes in my home: how can you go home without realizing that the shoes are missing?”

Success tips

“It’s not like I gave myself the name Instragram King. I just publish what people want to see and then everything happens. ”

Dan Bilzerian says money was never important to him. He is motivated by “love of the game”.

“My father said I should invest in films, buy NASCAR and buy a plane if I hate money. So I did all three. I can play poker well. ”


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