After Ruby Rose’s farewell

After the surprising departure of Ruby Rose (34) as the title heroine of “Batwoman”, the new concept of the series seems to be taking shape. After it became known that another actress would not simply take on the role of Kate Kane, the series makers commented on another content-related detail of the second season: Kate Kane will continue to play a central role in the series.

As “Batwoman” writer Caroline Dries (39) reveals via Twitter, the character Kate Kane will never die a serial death: “Like her I love Kate Kane – she is the reason why I wanted to do the show. We will never wipe them out, ”Dries writes. In fact, Kane’s mysterious disappearance was one of the main themes in season two. Dries does not want to reveal too much.

As the industry website “The Hollywood Reporter” recently reported, the new main character should be named Ryan Wilder and be very different in character from Rose’s character Kate Kane. “She is adorable, messy, a bit silly and unrestrained. She also has nothing in common with Kate Kane who wore the batsuit in front of her, ”quotes the site.

But she has one important thing in common with her predecessor: Ryan Wilder is also said to be an openly lesbian figure, who – as in the person of Ruby Rose – is also embodied by a lesbian actress. Author Dries also assures the fans of the series: “LGBTQ + justice is and remains the core theme of ‘Batwoman’ and we have no intention of changing that.”

A second season of “Batwoman” is planned for 2024. The production company is assuming that it will be able to play the leading role “in the coming months”, according to an article by “CNN”.



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