If the mla is not a hot video – this is very daring! For pop singer Vanessa Mai there are a lot of professional commitments right now. At the moment the singer is rushing from appointment to appointment. After all, she has to advertise her new single “Forever”. Her new song will be released on YouTube on Thursday at around 7:00 p.m.

So far, only a short extract from the video has been published. And this clearly makes you want more. There Vanessa Mai lounges in a skimpy black dress on a sandy beach. The parallels to Britney Spear’s video for the song “I’m a slave for you” are clearly recognizable and probably intended as such. Even as a copy, the pretty Vanessa can clearly hold the water to the well-known US singer. Such a childhood dream came true for Vanessa.

On her Instagram profile you can now find an interview in which the singer explains how the video was shot. “Vanessa, what does this moment mean for you?” She is asked there. “This is my Britney moment, I’m happy. I just always wanted to look like Britney Spears on ‘I’m a slave for you’ … so sweaty! ”Answered the cheeky Vanessa. Apparently Vanessa is very happy with her work. And their fans also seem to appreciate their efforts.

With the video and the new song, she apparently met the taste of her fans optimally. They congratulate them on Instagram after examining the first sequences. I’m really looking forward to this video tomorrow! ”Commented one of her fans there, for example. It seems that Vanessa Mai is currently swimming on a wave of success again. In January she had released her new album “Forever”. She was also seen alongside actor Axel Prahl in the television drama “Just with you” on ARD.

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