Nuances make the difference

Blonde hair and yellow clothes don't go together? Although blondes always shy away from the bright color, for fear that she could bite her own hair color, the opposite is usually the case. The right shade of yellow supports the shine of the hair and can provide a real wow moment. Best example: Queen Máxima of the Netherlands (49). She convinced in early June in a bright lemon yellow outfit.

Why does the look work? Queen Máxima has dark blonde hair and a summer complexion. Bright yellow tones are excellent for this skin and hair type. Blondes, on the other hand, who have somewhat lighter skin and hair, should keep away from tones such as sun, corn or lemon yellow. These make you pale.

Darker shades of yellow, such as mustard yellow or nuances that go in the gold-orange direction, are much more suitable for women with fair skin and a light blond tone. A suitable example is provided by pop singer Beatrice Egli (31, "Mein Herz"). She shines on Instagram in a golden-yellow sweater that harmonizes perfectly with her blonde bob cut.

Another option to skillfully stage light blond with yellow clothing is pastel tones. Curvy model Angelina Kirsch shows it. She is wearing a delicate yellow blouse that fits both her almost white-blonde hair and her complexion perfectly. To add a little more color to the look, the 31-year-old uses an expressive make-up with pink lipstick.



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