Another very hot photo of Beatrice Egli! What a sight! Beatrice Egli can hardly hide anything in this outfit! In a skin-tight white top she shows herself sexy as rarely! But the fans immediately recognize a blatant change and only pay attention to one thing!

This Instagram post makes Beatrice Egli’s fans go crazy! She is super sexy in a skin-tight top! Less is hardly possible! But the fans find what they can talk about again – a really blatant change to Beatrice! At first, comments like “what a great figure” or “hot, hot, hot!” Or “my good lady you have a body” are piling up under the picture! The reactions go through the roof, Beatrice gets more than 17,000 likes with the pic!

What particularly strikes the fans, it has decreased significantly – that underscores her other curves, of course, all the more!

If you cannot see the Instagram picture, please switch from the app to the original page


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