Beatrice Egli is more than popular with her fans for her creativity on Instagram! But again and again, she smuggles in particularly provocative postings – this time she shot the bird!

With her charms Beatrice is usually not stingy, tight shirts, belly free, but – this picture opens up a new dimension. Beatrice in see-through lingerie – breathtaking, also find her fans!


You can look as dashing as Beatrice with the sheer lingerie collection from HauteFlair.

This greeting to the fans is pure seduction! “Liäbs Abig Grüässli”, “You look so pretty,” says a fan of the pop singer. “Wow … Awesome! This look is unique, “says another.” Schee Kleidche, “writes another fan. Beatrice seems to have met the fans’ tastes again!


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