Statements about transsexuals

The successful “Harry Potter” author JK Rowling caused misunderstandings in many places with questionable statements about transsexual people. After Daniel Radcliffe (30) and Eddie Redmayne (38), Emma Watson (30) has now spoken in this matter and has clearly opposed Rowling's views via Twitter.

In several consecutive tweets, Watson writes: "Transsexuals (…) deserve to be able to live a life without being constantly questioned or being told that they are not what they say they are." Rowling had exactly that with her criticized statements indirectly questioned when she said, among other things, that the biological sex is an inevitable reality. She has justified her fear that women could therefore become victims of sexual assault more and more, with the words: “If you open bathroom and dressing room doors for a man who feels or believes to be a woman, you open it Door for all men who want to get in. "

Watson now contradicts these views and clarifies: "I want my transsexual followers to know that I and many other people around the world recognize, respect and love you for what you are." She also secured two organizations, campaigning for the rights of transsexual people and called on their nearly 30 million Twitter followers to do the same.



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