Attention, after a bank robbery, the police warn against 2 suspected armed bank robbers. The men are on the run and dangerous, should you see the men do not speak to them and call the police immediately!

There was a bank robbery in Pforzheim this morning, the robbers are on the run, probably armed! The police warn the population and ask for clues to the perpetrators! An intensive search is already in full swing. Here is the description of the perpetrators:

Who saw these men:

The perpetrators are described as follows:

– normal stature

– between 1.70 and 1.80 meters tall

– one wore a white and the other a light motorcycle helmet

– Both dressed in light motorcycle jackets

Attention! The men are probably armed! Witnesses or whistleblowers are asked to contact the criminal detention service on 07231 / 186-4444.


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