That could be the decisive step towards normalcy! Germany is beginning to test corona vaccines on humans! The Paul Ehrlich Institute announced this morning that the first human tests for a vaccine against the new coronavirus have been approved! What’s next, when can results be expected?

The PIE is THE licensing authority for vaccines in Germany, nothing works without the approval of the institute. As the institute now announced, the Mainz-based company Biontech has received approval to test its active ingredient on healthy volunteers. A trial by Donald Trump has just been revealed, he wanted to buy German vaccine experts and entire companies ! At a press conference, the President of the Paul Ehrlich Institute, Prof. Paul Cichutek, announced that his institute had approved the first phase 1 exam in the fight against Corona. What does it look like and what other phases are there?

So far, the vaccine has only been tested clinically on animals, in phase 1 tests on humans can also be made. The testers are volunteers. The tests are designed to determine whether the vaccines have side effects or are harmful.

Source: European Pharmaceutical Review

Phase 2

In this phase, the new vaccine will be tested on several thousand people for the first time. The aim here is to find out whether the agent also has the corresponding effect against corona and builds up protection. The goal is the immunity of the vaccinated

Phase 3

The test series is being extended to 20,000 people – the aim is to find out whether the drug is safe even in large quantities! Everyone could react differently.

Phase 4 – approval!

After all tests with people have been completed, the Paul Ehrlich Institute then checks as quickly as possible whether the tests were carried out correctly. Only then can the vaccine be approved.


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