That would be a real hammer and would immediately raise many questions! North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is said to be dead – various Asian media report this, citing a solid source!

For days it has been rumbling in intelligence circles and the leaf forest, North Korea’s ruler Kim Jong Un has disappeared for days. The fact that he had to undergo a heart operation is now certain, but now there is new, almost incredible information! According to a Japanese magazine citing a Chinese expert who is familiar with the situation, the operation is said to have been completely botched and Kim Jong Un dead! It would be a dramatic development and would lead to much uncertainty in the region!

According to the source, the operating surgeon was so afraid of a mistake in the operation that his hands trembled massively – this inevitably led to disaster! According to Hong Kong Satellite Television, the dictator is said to be dead, according to a “very solid source”. So far there is no confirmation from North Korea!


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