IBIZA, Mallorca and Tenerife could be the first regions to be the first to get out of Spain’s isolation, the country’s health minister said. Is there hope for a vacation?

Salvador Illa said during a conference that the restrictions on “province, not autonomous regions” would be lifted.

He added that there would be exceptions according to Euro News Weekly, but did not explain which region.

The Canary Islands, including Tenerife and Gran Canaria, and the Balearic Islands, including Mallorca and Ibiza, are likely to be among the first to open.

The Minister of Health indicated that Andalusia and Murcia could also be the first regions in the de-escalation plans.

The regions see a flatter curve of coronavirus cases – with only five new cases, the Balearic Islands recorded the lowest number of infections since the alarm condition within 24 hours. While Spain is slowly coming out of the barrier after the relaxation of outdoor activities that take children outside for an hour a day, Mr. Illa hesitated to explain what this means for the tourism industry.

He said it was too “risky” to suggest when hotels, bars and local attractions could still be open to vacationers.

Some Spanish beaches want to open until mid-June, while the Canary Islands leaders are asking for a special permit to end the state of emergency, which could result in the beaches reopening in two weeks, restaurants in three weeks, and limited vacation within one Monthly. Andalusia’s President Juan Manuel Moreno is expected to propose restaurants and bars that will open from May 25, while Mallorca has predicted that despite the coronavirus pandemic, tourists could return to the island’s vacation season later this year.


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