Next week on Tuesday the seventh season of “Sing my song” will start on Vox. The first artist of the evening will be Max Giesinger.

“Max Giesinger is one of the biggest German pop stars. He writes great pop hymns and is the catchy king. When you hear a song from him, you immediately know: this is his voice, ”said“ Sing my song ”host Michael Patrick Kelly praised the first artist of the evening of the new exchange concert season.

In the opening sequence, the focus is on Max Giesinger with his musical work. “As a musician, it’s the most beautiful show you can attend. I am so excited to see whether it will reach me emotionally in such a way that tears come to me, ”said Max Giesinger at the beginning of the evening. This is followed by an emotional roller coaster ride with many reviews of broken relationships, one’s own childhood, rocky career paths and of course with the new interpretations by Michael Patrick Kelly, Nico Santos, Ilse DeLange, MoTrip, “Blessed” singer Jan Plewka and LEA. “The last time I was so excited was at the driving test,” the artist confessed of the evening.

Jan Plewka, Michael Patrick Kelly, Nico Santos, Max Giesinger, LEA, Ilse DeLange, MoTrip
Photo: TVNOW / Markus Hertrich

Some highlights from the first episode:

Nico Santos sings “On What Comes There”, which the creator of the song intended as a hymn to continue. “You could dance to the song really cool,” thought Nico Santos when he heard the title for the first time. And styled it into an 80s hit with a lot of groove. “It had eggs, Digger,” praises rapper MoTrip. And Ilse DeLange is also enthusiastic: “What a bomb!”

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MoTrip reinterprets “80 million”

“’80 million ‘went through the roof at the time – and then became an EM song,” recalls Max Giesinger. It was actually a song about his great love, which broke shortly afterwards as a result of his great success. MoTrip has now recharged him autobiographically: “I want to tell the story of the song completely differently.” With new lyrics, he reports about his childhood, in which he had to flee to Germany before the war. That doesn’t leave the other artists cold. “I am emotionally completely blown away by the wind – after less than 30 minutes,” says Max Giesinger.

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Michael Patrick Kelly performs “When she dances” in an English version. Max Giesinger dedicated the song to his single mother. With the English reinterpretation, Michael Patrick Kelly now wants to touch single parents worldwide. “What did you do with my number please? I’m happy that you can do something like this with my songs, ”Max Giesinger is amazed.

Also in the first episode: Dutch country singer Ilse DeLange sings for the first time as a solo artist in German and wants to take Max Giesinger’s breath away with her version of “Für dich”. LEA regrets not having written “Forever” and turns the title into an energetic piano ballad. “Blessed” singer Jan Plewka promises to sing “Empty Space” as if the song was his own.

On May 5, at 8:15 p.m. in the first episode of season 7, “Sing my Song – The Exchange Concert”, VOX will show which new interpretation has been awarded as the “Song of the Evening” – and is already exclusively available for TVNOW in advance see.


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