Does Capital Bra have a wife and what about children? Anyone who has read Spotify’s 2019 review will know that Capital Bra has been fairly proud of itself this year. His album “CB6” was a huge success. And the songs “Wieder Lila” and “Tilidin” were also streamed most frequently. No other German rap artist could keep up with Capital Bra in this regard. And with success comes curiosity about Capital Bra. What is it like in his private life? Is the 25-year-old rapper married? Does he already have children?

Capital Bra’s private life

For a long time, not many things from the singer’s private life came to the public. After all, a lot of things don’t concern people either. But a few months ago the rapper published some information about himself and his private life. At that time, the rapper had posted a picture on Instagram that shows him together with his two sons. Once the rapper had brought the two onto the stage at a concert. On his album “CB6”, the rapper dedicates a clear message of love to the mother of his children. “Alcohol and women, that’s over now / Babe, I just want you, everyone else doesn’t feel like it / But Babe, you know the reason / I do it all just for us / Thank you for everything, our children are healthy / “.

Capital Bra hints at his wife!

In the lyrics to the mysterious woman, Capital Bra tells some details of the relationship. Apparently, the woman has been by his side for a long time, long before Capital Bra turned into a popular rapper. In addition, his in-laws don’t seem to have accepted him. “You know me well enough, a look from you is enough (yes) You were at my side, darling, I was not famous there (aha) Yes, you were there for me, luckily, I had a refuge. Your parents said we had no future.

Are there relationship problems?

And these problems don’t seem to have vanished with the successful career of the rapper. However, the rapper gives no indication as to whether he is with the woman or whether they are still in a good relationship with each other to this day. So there are many things that Capital Bra fans would love to learn.



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