Stefan Raab is one of the superstars of German television and is on a par with show greats like Dieter Bohlen, Günther Jauch and Thomas Gottschalk. Raab had revolutionized the German-language entertainment business many years ago. The most famous shows by the entertainer include “TV Total” and “Schlag den Raab”. In the course of his long career in German television, Raab received a total of 38 awards, accolades and television awards for his outstanding work. Completely surprisingly, Stefan Raab announced the end of his TV career at the end of 2015.

What is Stefan Raab’s fortune?
Over the years in show business, Stefan Raab has benefited from various sources of income. Financial experts estimate the entertainer’s fortune at more than 100 million euros. Although Raab has not appeared on television for years, he earns between 500,000 and 1,000,000 euros a year through company investments and television production activities. Raab never made an official statement about the amount of his assets.

Stefan Raab’s various sources of income

The popular television star received the main income, which quickly pushed the build-up of his wealth, from the German private broadcaster Pro7, where Stefan Raab made extremely good money. According to research by financial experts, Raab’s company should have received exactly 185 million euros in the last 5-year contract with the broadcaster. This corresponds to an income of 37 million euros per year. This record-breaking contract came about because of the enormously high popularity of Raab, who even achieved top ratings on his late-night show “TV-Total” at the late air time at 11 p.m. Raab has thus received the best-paid contract on German television to date. Of course, Raab’s Brainpool company also had to cover personnel expenses and production costs from this sum, but it is estimated that Stefan Raab from Brainpool received around 5,000,000 euros a year. This company produced almost all programs with which Stefan Raab could be seen on television.

Own production company Raab-TV & Beteiligungen
</p> <p> Raab recognized early on that the worthwhile concept of having his shows produced by his own production company. That is why the entertainer founded “Raab-TV” in 1998. This company is a subsidiary of “Brainpool”. To this day, Stefan Raab holds the majority of the subsidiary “Raab-TV” with 51% of the shares. 49% of the shares are owned by the parent company “Brainpool”. Raab itself also owned 12.5% of Brainpool’s shares. Between 2012 and 2015, the company recorded millions of profits every year, from which Raab, as a partner, naturally benefited again. After leaving the TV business, Raab sold his shares in Brainpool for EUR 9.5 million. Although Raab no longer receives any revenue shares from Brainpool, since then Stefan Raab has completely wrapped up his productions <iframe width = “560 ″ height =“ 315 ″ src = ““ frameborder = “ 0 ″ allow = “accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture “allowfullscreen> </iframe> t via“ Raab-TV ”, where he still holds the majority of the shares.

Other activities of Stefan Raab
In addition to his presence on television as a presenter and showmaster, Raab is also a sought-after man in the music industry. As a music producer, for example, he brought out the singer Lena-Meyer Landrut, who even after many years ensured a German success at the Eurovision Song Contest (2010). The singer then produced her first album “My Cassette Player” under the production of Raab. In 2013 Raab launched the “Doosh” shower head he designed in collaboration and sales with the Butlers company. To this day, Raab makes a profit on every piece sold. Here alone, the income is estimated at around 50,000 euros per month. Furthermore, Raab has real estate in Cologne and also produces various television shows in the background.

Stefan Raab’s private life is almost completely unknown
Little is known about Stefan Raab’s private life. Raab has been married to his wife Nike Raab since 1997, about whom little information is available to this day. Allegedly, the two met in 1997 at the Brainbool TV production company. Raab allegedly lives with his wife and two daughters in a villa in Cologne (Hahnwald). Neither name nor age is known of the two daughters. Raab generally avoids questions from journalists and the media about his private life.



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