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Monday, March 30, 2020

Frankfurt book fair: A thousand-page Porno

The Problem with literature begins in front of the wardrobe: What should I wear? I don't know anybody here, don't want to be noticed right at the beginning because of disregard of the code. For the award of the German book prize I reject...

Ingenious women: We need to rewrite the Canon

The basic principle of a Canon is to claim on the one hand, the unconditional validity, to be on the other hand, however, patchy. In the so-called classical educational Canon little women is striking, at least significantly less than men. What does this mean?...

Frankfurt book fair: Martin Sonneborn comes as Stauffenberg and steals Höcke the Show

Friday afternoon, shortly before 17 PM. Unlike in the previous year, the appearance of the AfD-politician Björn Höcke is not intended to provide ground covering for riots, and reporting. So, the exhibition management has the event of the Manu Scriptum-Verlag in a...

What wanted to say to writers, their critics, would ever be

Martin Mosebach: It would be a great civilizational progress, if editors ächteten the term "controversial". "Controversial" – to who? There are people who believe anything they don't like to be "controversial"; so it is hoped to heave a clique of opinion on the level...

State election Bavaria 2018 – Don Alphonso: In Berlin, you are #indivisible, but in Bavaria they are #we are more

Don ’t make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry, says the friendly Dr. Banner, those comic character, the Hulk is alive, this green, violent and uncontrollable Monster, which appears surprising when Dr. Banner is angry. It may be...


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