You, the successful influencer, he the celebrated soccer star – Cathy and Mats Hummels, long a dream couple – but are you still together? Rumors of a separation of Cathy and Mats are persistent and there is a lot to be said for it!

Cathy was just in Thailand for several months, little son Ludwig was always there – Papa Mats was still on the football field for BVB at the time. A long separation, you can see Cathy’s Insta account, but you also see very little photos with Mats before and after! Do the two still see each other? The last picture for a long time came from February 11th – for a family, especially in Corona times a damn long time. No wonder questions arise about the relationship status. Cathy’s fans are worried because the influencer is getting thinner and thinner!

What does Cathy Hummels not have to listen to, she is always criticized, then the long-standing rumors about an affair by Mats Hummels and Lena Meyer-Landrut , topics – that do not leave Cathy without a trace! Bony shoulders, not a gram of fat on the belly, and spindly arms and legs. Cathy Hummels is currently extremely proud on the Internet. But her fans are very worried. “Emaciated” and “sick” are just a few comments among the current photos. Then – to counteract the rumors of separation – the turning point – a new photo – but that doesn’t calm you either, on the contrary!

It was supposed to counteract the rumors of separation, “Look, we are a family”, the picture should say, but the reaction of the followers was different than wanted! “Don’t hide the fact that something is obviously wrong,” is only one comment. Many of their followers simply don’t believe that love can still be saved …


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