Child quarantine: what to do if a child with whom

Comments the representative of Ministry of labor: “At the time of school holidays, sick parents are not supposed to. But enterprises are encouraged to organize remote work at home for employees with children of preschool and school age. To deny the possibility of temporarily working from home — the right employer. However, we expect that all employers will understand the need to counter the spread of coronavirus infection and arrange work at home for all employees, whose functionality allows you to perform a production job out of the house. We recommend that all employers on the possibility to transfer employees this is exactly the mode of work from home. The labour code allows to organize work at home if production conditions allow. That is, if the employee has the necessary resources to do their job from home or company it can provide such resources. In addition, parents of young children of preschool age should know that by law cannot be sent to a business trip without their consent, women with children under three years, single parents and guardians raising children under the age of five years and employees having children with disabilities”.