Coronavirus afraid of high temperature but the heater will not help

As commented in the Institute of Virology. D. I. Ivanovsky, first, it is necessary to understand whether the apartment is infected. If Yes, how many dwelling nor nagreva fully kill the virus that settled in a person, will not work. Because the body of the patient you will not be able to heat up to a boil — even the increase in body temperature to 40 degrees is not always kills the infection. If you do not have the apartment of the patient and just want to create the conditions that counteract the infection, you also unlikely to get sensible. At high temperature in a tightly caulked the apartment you will create a steam room (dry climate will not work, because in the heat of you starts to evaporate the moisture). In this steam will have nothing to breathe for you or your household. If this accidentally gets a virus, it spread quickly and infect everyone.