Capital: € 1.5 million
Age: 44
Born: 09/22/1975
Country of origin: Germany
Source of wealth: Moderator, actor
Last updated: 2024

Short introduction

Christian Ulmen is a versatile, talented man who is at home in the radio, press and television world of Germany. He started his career as a moderator, is an entertainer, actor, publicist, director and entrepreneur. Many of him currently know him from the cult series Jerks, in which he plays himself alongside Fahri Yardim and encounters the adversities in life with dark black humor. Ulmen is in a relationship with the former presenter Collin Ulmen-Fernandes.

Early life

Ulmen was born in Neuwied and grew up in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg. His interest in journalistic activities and his sense of humor brought him to radio early. In his youth he worked for Radio Hamburg and two other radio stations. The program “Unter Ulmen”, with which he would later be successful on the MTV music channel, was also broadcast monthly on the Hamburg Open Channel.

After graduating from high school, he enrolled in the subject of Protestant Theology at the University of Hamburg, since this course does not have a numerus clausus and Ulmen’s Abitur, with an average of 3.6, allowed few other options. However, he did not start studying because the music TV station MTV offered him a job.

Christian Ulmen started his career as a moderator at MTV Europe. For this he moved to London and moderated in English. He used the unmistakable German accent as a stylistic device, which earned him sympathy in England, but was rejected in Germany.

From 1998 MTV broadcast its own program in Germany and Christian Ulmen switched back to his mother tongue. In Germany, he was an MTV moderator from the very beginning. With the programs “MTV HOT”, “MTV Alarm” and “Live from Berlin”, he set the tone. However, due to differences with the program directorate, Ulmen left MTV in 1999.


After the first phase at MTV, Ulmen switched to writing and worked for various print media. At the same time he returned to the radio and was heard on both Radio Fritz and 1Live.

The separation from MTV did not last long and in 2000 Ulmen returned to the music station. His show “Unter Ulmen” was quite successful in Germany.

Christian Ulmen also cuts a fine figure as an actor. He had great success with the feature film “Herr Lehmann” by playing the main role right away with his first film. The critics praised his acting talent and he was awarded the Bavarian Film Award.

Elm appeared in numerous films. In films such as “Elementary Particles”, “Maria, he doesn’t like it”, “Men’s hearts” and “Whoever believes it will be blessed”, he demonstrated his always humorous, lifelike nature and was very popular with the audience.

TV stations were also interested in the approachable actor. In 2005 he starred in the reality show “My New Friend” on Pro Seven. In 2007 he was in “Dr. Psycho ”, also seen by Pro Sieben. He also received several awards for this role.

The Internet offered Ulmen a new playground. On the website he published several clips in which he slipped into well-known roles. With the company Ulmen Televison GmbH, founded in 2008, Ulmen produces various formats and advertisements.

Some of his productions have been broadcast on TV stations, such as the series “THE SNOBS- you can also be without you”. The late night show “Stuckrad Late Night” from 2010 was also produced by Christian Ulmen. In 2009 he founded Ulmen Film GmbH, a production company that specializes in cinema films.

Ulmen has even been a crime scene inspector since 2012. Together with fellow actor Nora Tschirner, the two form the investigative team Lessing and Dorn. The Weimeraner crime scene is very popular.

Ulmen can currently celebrate its greatest success with the Jerks series, in which he plays a fictional version of himself.

But the likeable guy next door is not only successful as an actor and producer.

He also worked as a columnist for various print media and wrote, among other things, for Die Zeit, the Tagesspiegel and Neon, on social issues.

Career highlights

Ulmen received numerous good reviews and awards for his acting achievements. He received the Bavarian Film Award for his debut in the leading role in “Herr Lehmann”. He received this again in 2007 for the role in Dr. Psycho. In 2019 he received the Golden Cup for the best actor in the international competition, on the occasion of the International Film Festival in Shanghai for the film “Maria, he doesn’t like it”.

In 2011 he received the Bambi for his representation in men’s hearts.

Famous quotes

“When people recognize me and expect me to do something totally insane, I’m always happy to disappoint them.”

“No, the beaming hero, that’s boring. I prefer it when the character doubts something about himself and gets away with it in the end. There’s something heroic about it. ”

“I grew up very middle-class. I am more of a victim of a healthy childhood. I was totally dependent when I left home. ”

Amazing facts

Christian Ulmen has a child from his first marriage. Together with Collin Ulmen-Fernandes, he has another daughter.

Elmen claims to have been very ashamed as a child. Today he can look at this shame with humor.


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