After seven years of marriage, “Unter Uns” star Claudelle Deckert (46) separated from her husband. The actress announced at the end of May. In a double interview with “Bunte” she introduced the new man at her side: Peter Olsson (58). The Swedish manager and the actress of Eva Wagner got to know and love each other in an unusual way.

They first met at an event in 2013, says Olsson. They kept in touch as friends until the end of April when they had the idea to build something together professionally. But then a coronavirus infection intervened and tied Olsson to the hospital bed. “We wrote for days and noticed that we fit together,” Deckert says. “We started at the right end: not meeting and cuddling, but talking about life and our ideas,” explains Olsson. They have been a couple for a few weeks now. So that the two have already officially made their love, they want to show that there are “big loved ones even under adverse conditions like Corona”.

Everything happened very quickly, Deckert adds. “I was still in an old relationship and didn’t want to meet Peter until it was over. I wanted to be free for him. ”They had been inseparable since their first meeting in Deckert’s hometown of Düsseldorf. “With Peter I can just be a woman and let myself go. It’s like a hint from the universe that this man is the one I wanted. He is my soul mate, ”enthuses the actress. “Claudelle is what I’ve always wanted: a modern woman who does her own thing, who is successful, but also full of love and warmth,” says Olsson with conviction.

Deckert’s 22-year-old daughter had taken her mother’s new love well, Olsson’s children had initially reacted with restraint, but had learned to love Claudelle in the meantime, reveals the 58-year-old. The lovebirds could even imagine getting married again. Peter Olsson: “I always say that if you are lucky, you will experience two or three great loved ones in your life. This is my last one. “


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