“Match! Celebrities on a Dating Course ”

While Michael Wendler (47) wants to give his fiancée Laura Müller (19) the yes in front of the camera this year, his ex-partner Claudia Norberg (49) is still at the beginning of a young relationship. The 49-year-old made her new love public in early April. Previously, she tried the new dating show “Match! Celebrities on dating course ”(RTLzwei, May 4th at 8:15 pm) their luck. It was not easy for a daughter’s mother to find her way slowly around dates. “Above all, it was very unusual for me,” she says in an interview with the news agency spot on news. Despite her failed love for the pop star, she has not lost faith in marriage to this day.

Claudia Norberg: The request for the dating show “Match! Celebrities on Dating Course ”came in February 2019. Since I had been separated from my husband Michael since August 2018 and was single for the first time in almost 30 years, this format fit perfectly into my life and I immediately accepted.

Norberg: It was not easy and, above all, very unusual for me. For this reason, I also participated in the TV format because the dating format is about working with coaching experts who support you in learning again, dating and flirting.

Norberg: Because of the corona pandemic, we currently only have the option of being in daily contact via Facetime and getting to know each other better. Even with my friends and family, I only have the phone and face time. I am still very grateful that we have these options.

Norberg: As a mother, I am very happy and grateful to be with my daughter in Florida right now in such a time to master the challenge with Adeline and to be by her side. It is in this troubling time that I realize how much she still needs me and how important it is that I am with her. Since Michael will always be in Germany in the future to work there, to perform, one of the parents has to be with our daughter. I am now more aware than before. If I weren’t with Adeline in this unfortunate time, I would never forgive myself and I would go crazy. I will always take care of my daughter all my life and be concerned for her.

Norberg: I definitely congratulate them and wish them a lot of luck. I knew they were going to get married. For me, the engagement came as a surprise, since the two have only known each other for a year and a half. For my part, I believe that you shouldn’t rush anything and that you should take your time to get to know your new partner.

Norberg: Since I’m not even divorced, I don’t think about it at the moment. However, I still believe in marriage because my marriage was very happy and Michael showed me his love with words and gestures every day in a very romantic way.

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