Spielberg, Hanks, Oprah

With his improvised internet show “SGN” (“Some Good News”), Hollywood star John Krasinski (40, “A Quiet Place”) has set himself the task of smiling people’s faces even during the Corona crisis conjure. In his latest edition, he specifically selected university graduates who were not granted a graduation ceremony due to the pandemic. As compensation, however, thanks to Krasinski, some of them now had the opportunity to speak to their greatest idols.

Directing legend Steven Spielberg (73), TV icon Oprah Winfrey (66), child rights activist Malala Yousafzai (22) or former “The Daily Show” presenter Jon Stewart (57) tuned in live, to answer questions from the completely perplexed students. Regardless of this, it can also be seen in the following: Ryan Reynolds (43) as a weather frog against his will and Samuel L. Jackson (71) who roars compliments to passers-by.

Oscar winner Tom Hanks (63), who had already contracted Covid-19, has meanwhile sent a video message to all graduates from Ohio Wright State University without Krasinski ‘s help. In the clip that the university shared via Twitter , Hanks says, among other things: “You are the chosen ones, because you have been assigned a fate that no one could imagine at the beginning of your adventure at Wright State [University].”

It is all the more important to emphasize that the addressees of his speech have graduated during “the great pandemic” and must now make the sacrifice to celebrate this achievement without the due framework. In his eyes, they are therefore exactly the right people to help shape or even steer the fate of the United States after a surviving pandemic.

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