Coffee and tea are acknowledged harmful to the sick

Expert warned that not all hot drinks are useful during illness. In particular, tea and coffee are not the best helpers when SARS or the flu, because they contain large amounts of caffeine, which interferes with a good night’s rest.

Kashubina stressed that sleep is the best remedy, moreover, is absolutely free. Therefore, tea or coffee should prefer warm water, compote or juice. “It must be a beverage that contains caffeine that after it you could safely sleep,” she said.

Another important parameter is the temperature of the drink. The journalist was advised to drink cold drinks with angina, as they constrict blood vessels in the throat. Hot, by contrast, expand, contributing to the overall relaxation of the body. These should be taken with malaise and high temperature.

Kashubina stressed that by themselves, the drinks do not have a therapeutic effect but only stimulates the healing process. If you need medication, it is best to look at the pharmacy.