Heavily loaded truck collides with tanker truck, throws into the guardrail and falls to the side! Driver injured – Autobahn must be fully blocked!

A serious accident on Wednesday caused the A7 between Bad Hersfeld and the Kirchheimer Dreieck to be closed for a longer period of time: a truck loaded with a chopper had got into a skid, collided with a tanker truck, hurled left into the central protection barrier and finally crashed onto the driver’s side, the vehicle blocked all lanes. The driver was injured in the accident and had to be hospitalized. The property and the cargo were heavily damaged.

Due to the complex salvage work, the southbound highway had to be fully blocked for several hours. There were severe disabilities. The cause of the accident is still being determined, but it cannot be excluded that the truck had technical defects. The vehicle was secured by a decision by the prosecutor.


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