A spy dossier revealed how China lied to the world about the coronavirus by covering up the outbreak that claimed tens of thousands of lives worldwide.

A 15-page research document received by The Saturday Telegraph has laid the groundwork for legal proceedings against China for dealing with the fatal disease. The dossier, which comes from intelligence agencies in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, also said that China’s secrecy about the virus had led to an “attack on international transparency”. As reported by “TheSun”. But, other points are much more terrifying.

The “Five Eyes” secret service alliance (consisting of the countries mentioned above) is also said to have uncovered that China deliberately denied that the virus could be spread between people. The document suggests that it took the Chinese authorities weeks to admit that the virus could be spread this way. “Despite evidence of human-to-human transmission from early December, the PRC authorities deny this until January 20,” it says. A reaction to the virus could have been much earlier worldwide, if you had known!

The president has also instructed senior US officials to find a way to “punish” China for dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, including the lifting of its sovereign immunity. Trump and his aides have been privately discussing to deprive China of their “sovereign immunity” with the aim of enabling the US government or victims to sue China for damages, the Washington Post warned, if successful Experts predict that this move would shake the already crumbling world economy and shatter the already strained diplomatic relations between Washington and Beijing.


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