Experts discover new symptoms in children! The symptoms that trigger a mysterious skin disease in children that has been linked to Covid-19 have been described in a new study. Images of children diagnosed with coronavirus have appeared with red, blotchy rashes on the skin

The Royal College of Pediatricians and Child Health has published an expert response on an inflammatory disease that appears to be similar to Kawasaki syndrome. Symptoms include persistent fever, inflammation, and malfunction of one or more organs. Prof. Rosalind Smyth, director and professor of child health at the UCL Great Ormond St Institute of Child Health, said the disease was “very rare”.

“One of the purposes of current warnings and guidelines is to raise awareness so that all possible cases can be identified. This will help determine what is really the trigger. “

The expert said that further tests are needed to further understand the disease. Professor Smyth insisted that the “vast majority” of children with coronavirus develop “only mild symptoms”.


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