In Sweden, too, the contagious corona virus has caused numerous deaths. No wonder, because the contact restrictions and measures taken in Sweden are far from being as strict as in most other countries. Now even a close friend of the Swedish king Carl Gustaf has died of the insidious corona virus. For the Swedish royal family, this means the 3rd personal loss within just one year.

Sometimes life is cruel. At least when death strikes and steals a loved one. King Carl Gustaf of Sweden must now have this bitter experience. The Swedish monarch must now mourn his long-time friend Erik Belfrage. The friendship between the diplomat and the Swedish king goes back to the boarding school of the Swedish monarch. The two men also shared a common passion for hunting. “It is always sad when people you know and appreciate disappear over time. But it is not something the king would like to comment publicly, ”said the spokeswoman for the Swedish royal court on record.

Erik Belfrage’s death is now the third death in a year that has affected the Swedish royal court. Towards the end of 2019, Dagmar von Arbin, a member of the royal family, had died at the age of 103. And last summer, Ann-Christine Wallenberg, a close friend of the royal couple, had an accident on a sailing trip on Lake Geneva. The woman’s boat was known in a storm and she drowned herself in the waves afterwards.


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