The decision of the federal government to pay a bonus of 300 euros for every child entitled to child benefit as part of an economic stimulus package had been known for a few days because of the current corona crisis. Now the time and form of the payment has been determined.

In total, the bonus is to be paid out to 16 million children. Now the payout has been announced for the fall of this year. In order to avoid endangering maintenance claims, it was also decided to use two installment payments of 150 euros each instead of a one-off payment of 300 euros. The bonus amount will then probably be paid out in September and October 2024. The beneficiary families do not have to apply for the family bonus because the payment will be made automatically with the payment of the child benefit in the relevant months. The beneficiary families now have until autumn to think about what they want to do with this additional money gift from the state.


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