The cast, crew and fans breathe a sigh of relief: after weeks of standstill, the shooting for the telenovela “Red Roses” has started again (since 2006, Monday to Friday, 2:10 p.m., the first). In mid-March, filming was suspended as a precautionary measure due to the corona pandemic.

The break from shooting should actually last until next week. But now the first flap fell earlier, as the first spot on news confirmed on request. Initially, “odds meter” and “DWDL” reported about it. “The shooting is slowly starting up. It is also initially filmed at a slower pace, so that there are no longer five episodes per week but five episodes in two weeks. The shooting schedules stipulate that two teams can work at different times, ”says the sender.

There have been some changes since the break from filming: “The scripts had to be rewritten to be suitable for Corona. So there are no bed scenes or hugs anymore. Everything is more distant. “And then there is a bitter pill:” For the first time there is no Fantag in Lüneburg. ”

Yesterday, Monday (April 27th), the cast and crew met again on the set in Lüneburg. How was the first day of shooting? “Everyone is happy that it starts again. Everyone pulls together and accepts the new conditions. So there are now more disinfectants, plexiglass walls, masks for everyone. Only the actors in front of the camera don’t wear any in the meantime. The catering also runs in small groups, ”the broadcaster continues.

The audience has not noticed anything of the shooting break yet, because up to and including May 20 new “Red Roses” episodes can still be seen. From May 22nd, old episodes will be repeated for a few weeks. It shows how it all started in 2006. When exactly the first new episodes can be broadcast after the repetition phase, the broadcaster says: “The production lost five weeks due to Corona. So at most there will be new episodes in the program in July. ”


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