Will all families soon receive money from the state as wages in the Corona period? This plan could be interesting!

The Greens are demanding a “Corona parental allowance” for fathers and mothers who are affected by daycare or school closures. The wage replacement benefit should be paid during the entire period of the care emergency, according to a report by the newspaper “Die Welt” in an application by the Greens in the Bundestag.

Currently, parents can receive a maximum of 67 percent of their income for a maximum of six weeks if they cannot otherwise organize childcare. The regulation applies to parents of children up to twelve years of age.

According to the “Welt”, the Greens are proposing to extend the wage compensation set out in the Infection Protection Act for parents who have to take care of their children at home due to an official closure of a care facility at home.

The regulation should be further developed into a “Corona parental allowance”, “in which the obligation to provide proof of other reasonable childcare options ceases to exist, a parent’s home office is not considered a childcare option and the duration of the compensation claim is linked to the official closure of the childcare facilities”.

As long as schools and daycare centers remained closed due to the pandemic and parents could not work because they would have to take care of childcare, they would need “reliable, financial compensation for the entire period of this exceptional situation,” Greens parliamentary group leader Katja Dörner told the “world” . It is not yet clear when parents will be able to send their children back to daycare centers and schools in the usual way. Most working parents have now reached their strength limits, especially the single parents, emphasized the Green politician.


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Corona: Geld vom Staat für alle Familien als Entschädigung? Das ist der Plan!


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