the Leader of the movement abroad was definitely Robbie Williams, who for several days holds directly in your instagram account live broadcasts called “Coronaca”. Every day he chooses at the request of subscribers in one hit and makes a cover on him right at home in Los Angeles. As a seasoned professional, the genres are not looking, trying to follow the different tracks. The real bomb was the song with the actual title “Stayin’ Alive” (“stayin ‘ alive”) Bee Gees. Robbie managed to pull her falsetto, sometimes, however, almost breaking into a laugh, but also provocatively to dance, twisting around and around the chair in front of the screen. When someone called the pop star, knocking the air, he wagged his finger at the camera with a conspiratorial-triumphant look on his face: “don’t call me now! I do coronaca!” Although Williams has already canceled dozens of concerts in America, he, judging by the cheerful mood in social networks and the flurry of activity, trying not to faint.

In Russia, the online festival of “I will wait for your music!”, released material in the past “Musical Chronicles”, was not the only such initiative. After the indefinite postponement of the European tour and performances in Siberia “Bi-2” has collected on his online concert 2.5 million viewers. All were so happy that the artists now thinking about migrating to network format, and show “New Best” with all its decorations and other “pies”. Loud online-concert “party with no risk”, who began to discuss the blogosphere, gave the popular indie band “aloe Vera”. The musicians invented a brand new format that during their performances in parallel was connected to an online room, where both could be to see each other 100 people. They also had the opportunity to chat with the singer and ask her questions. The concert took place in the system of donan: viewers could choose to pay for the virtual ticket of any amount.

Even a music company moved and joined a new movement. Producer center IgorI Matvienko organized online festival “Together in the distance”, which made the group “Korni”, “Fabrika” and other artists. Underground festival “Pain” God himself commanded to go into self-imposed isolation, even in concept. The organizers quickly beat the topic, inventing the slogan: “quarantine is a Pain,” and also held its depressive music gathering on the platform.

4 APR free three-hour online concert, will the punk-group “Cockroaches!”. “He will be devoted to the fight against coronavirus infection, with isolation, social responsibility, and observance of sanitary norms — all that we love, — say the musicians. — The air will also be various experts: head of the emergency Advisory medical emergencies, Gestalt therapist, medical blogger and many others.” The initiative was supported by Garik Sukachev, speaking in a Network with two Sergeyi — Galanin and Voronov — March 27. Zivert, Filatov&Karas, Marie Krimpery, IOWA, Uma2rman, Pizza, etc. launched online project “Music in house concerts with delivery”.

And the leader of the “Auktyon” Leonid Fedorov is scheduled for March 20 large group shows, staged “home spiritually uplifting mini-concert” through the stream in one of social networks. On your acoustic online-the house concert he played such nationally beloved hits as “Spring” and “the Road”, and new songs. Just remember the record of the appartment Fedorov and his colleague in the team of Oleg Garkusha “At Mitkov”. It seems that a return to the past is closer than we think — it is already here, only in a modernized format.

Who knows, maybe now is a transition into a totally new reality, where creative professionals will learn to do art and earn differently. See where all this will lead.