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In front of running cameras, the hit stars Stefan (44) and Anna-Carina Mross (27) gave the affair last weekend in Florian Silbereisens (38) “Schlagerlovestory.2020” show. Now on the talk show "MDR Riverboat" they revealed how they spent their honeymoon.

It was unusually simple: The newlywed couple traveled through the Wörlitzer Park in a motorhome for two days: “We had time to process the whole thing. It was very, very nice, ”says Anna-Carina Mross, who was happy to be wearing her make-up and wearing jogging pants. “We had two wonderful days. Honeymoon for two in our motorhome, ”added her husband. "I see it as a luxury if you can go through life with your own bedroom and kitchen, especially if you often have to stay in hotel rooms like we do." Both agree that they don't need much happiness.

After the TV wedding, a documentary about the Schlager couple, who wants to marry in church this year, is now on TV: "Stefan Mross & Anna-Carina – Love on a very big stage", the SWR will be broadcast on Saturday (13. June) at 22:15.



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