Deryck Whibley was afraid of not being able to write music because of his alcohol addiction. The Sum 41 frontman is still struggling with the consequences of his alcoholism.

He only had to learn to play the guitar and hit the notes again after spending a month in the hospital in 2014 because of his alcohol abuse. As a result, his creativity was frozen for the time being.

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“It Was Torture!”

“In the evening I tried to write new music. It was torture, ”the star admits. The singer was still not the old man. “Even if I said today that I’m writing a new record, it would take a few weeks and a lot of bad songs to get one that’s okay,” he says.

“Then it gets better and better. It was so much further away during this process. Whatever came out, I said, ‘It’s not even a reef.’ And that went on for months. ”In an interview with the“ Rock Sound ”magazine, Deryck says that he was already afraid that his music career was over.

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“I was convinced that I had lost [my creativity] and killed this part of my brain.” Fortunately, the artist’s patience and discipline paid off. “Then something came back slowly. It was a reef and you could do something with it. Then it went on and on. ”

But the 40-year-old was not only finished musically. “At first, I didn’t even try to go because I knew I couldn’t,” he says. “I tried to speak and couldn’t. My motor skills were on the *** ***. Thanks to a physiotherapist, he had slowly learned to use his leg muscles again. (Bang)


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