For Shirin David, the music video shoot for her new single “Hoes UpG’s Down” was on the agenda. The whole thing was filmed in a Berlin luxury villa. However, the 25-year-old did not stand in front of the camera alone, but according to reports with at least 70 other people.

Before Corona, that would not have been anything spectacular. In the rap business, the command “the prettier, the better” comes first. There is nothing wrong with the fact that you stay true to this lifestyle even during the pandemic.

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“HOES UP G’S DOWN” will be released on Thursday at 11:59 p.m. ???

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So many people are actually allowed

With her Insta stories, the Hamburg native has already given her fans a foretaste of what to expect in the clip that will be released on May 29: namely, numerous generously dressed girls who are tightly packed in a villa in the upscale district Celebrate Westend.

In Berlin, however, only gatherings of a maximum of 50 people are currently permitted, unless these are unavoidable. The consequence was that the officers had to end the shoot, as was later confirmed on Twitter. It is believed that it was the “Supersize” interpreter.

This punishment threatens those involved

“After complaining of noise, colleagues were alerted to a villa in Westend on Monday night. On site they found a party with over 70 guests. According to the organizer, a music video was made. The event was dissolved and Covid 19 advertisements were posted, ”said the Berlin police.

The rapper herself was not mentioned by name, but the insta stories of the 25-year-old indicate that it was her video shoot. In these you could see how the musicians shot and celebrated in a villa in the Westend.

David also posted a screenshot of the police report, but has not yet commented on it. In any case, those involved now have to fear fines of between 50 and 500 euros. Can the actresses compensate for this with the fee for the shoot?


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