Update 04.05.2020:

In Germany alone, according to the Johns Hopkins University, more than 100,000 people are currently infected with the novel coronavirus.

These exit restrictions have had a positive effect, and Merkel speaks in a speech on April 15 of a fragile interim success.

On Wednesday, April 15th, 2024, the federal and state governments agreed to slowly venture out of the lockdown.

The following regulations still apply (at least until May 3, 2024):

  • You still need to keep a distance of 1.5 meters from fellow human beings
  • Outside you can only be alone or with another person who does not live in the same household
  • Large events are initially prohibited until August 31, 2024

Relaxations from April 15th, 2024:

  • Shops with up to 800 square meters of retail space may open from April 20th, 2024
  • Car dealers, bike dealers and bookstores can also prepare for a reopening
  • Hairdressers can go about their business with suitable hygiene arrangements from May 4th, 2024

Loosening in May 2024

  • Under certain conditions, playgrounds and cultural institutions (e.g. museums, exhibitions and zoological gardens) are now to be opened again
  • on May 6th it should be decided to what extent schools and daycare centers can be opened
  • Perspectives should also be given to other sectors. Framework conditions for gastronomy, for example, are now to be developed

Introduction of mandatory masks

  • Some countries and cities in Germany introduce a mask requirement
  • A mask requirement applies to shops and local transport
  • The regulations can differ from place to place

Since the commercially available face masks and the face masks of class FFP 1 do not really protect you against the infection of the coronavirus, we ask ourselves whether face masks of the protection class FFP2 are suitable for protecting yourself against infection with the new coronavirus.

The answer is yes and no – the respirators of protection class FFP2 reduce the likelihood of getting infected, but the chance will never be zero. Therefore, even with an FFP2 respirator, you should not behave carelessly and remain careful.

In this article we will introduce you to the best FFP2 respirators and give you tips on how you can best prevent yourself from getting infected.

The best respirators in protection class FFP 2 at a glance:

Now available: Protek Health FFP 2 respirator (CE certified)

FFP2 respirators are already sold out in many online shops. There are also many dubious shops online. The following offer from a major English online retailer is probably the best place to go for certified FFP2 respirators: Protek Health FFP2 masks are now available. The masks are immediately sent out to all customers.

In addition, KN95 face masks are donated to people and organizations in need for each pack purchased.

Together with FFP 3 masks, FFP 2 respirators are among the models that promise the best protection against the virus. The bearers not only protect themselves from infection, but also fellow citizens.

The problem with the coronavirus is namely the high number of infected people with little or no symptoms, who spread the virus unconsciously and unintentionally. By wearing a mask, the emission of virus particles is significantly reduced and the risk to others is also lower.

The Protek Health FFP2 respirators are CE certified and are supplied free of charge within Europe. There is a choice between masks with valve and without valve. Since both types promise protection against the virus, this decision is not that important.

Note: As with other online shops, the offer at Protek Health is limited. It may therefore be that the masks are sold out quickly. If possible, the masks should therefore be ordered quickly.

Here is the link to the offer

our recommendation

Hygiene VOS Cremeseife 5 Liter milde Waschlotion Seifencreme rosa für alle gängigen Druckspendersysteme und Seifenspender

Protek Health FFP2 respirator

With the link you buy at the same price, but we may receive a commission.


The alternative: a washable & reusable mouthguard for everyday use (available)

The washable and reusable mouthguards from the German company 3athlet are a real alternative to a respirator. Such a mouthguard is not suitable for the medical field (no FFP 2 or FFP 3!), But can help to reduce the risk of infecting yourself or others. The President of the German Medical Association also advises this.

The 3athlet mouthguards are made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester, are made in Europe and are suitable for industrial and cooked laundry up to 95 ° C as well as for 60 ° C disinfectant laundry. This fabric is used for medical clothing and meets medical standards. The masks are currently available.

The integrated nose pieces ensure a good hold so that the masks are also suitable for sports. The elastic band also makes it easy to put on the mouthguard.

A major advantage of people is that the masks have a positive influence on their own behavior. Many infections arise because people subconsciously touch their faces with dirty hands. A mouth guard largely prevents this.

Notes: The mouthguards should be washed before wearing for the first time and are not medically certified.

Here is the link to the offer

our recommendation

Hygiene VOS Cremeseife 5 Liter milde Waschlotion Seifencreme rosa für alle gängigen Druckspendersysteme und Seifenspender

10x reusable mouth and nose masks PLUS

With the link you buy at the same price, but we may receive a commission.


Both FFP2 and FFP3 respirators are often no longer available due to delivery bottlenecks.

Selected FF2 masks on Amazon

VEVOX FFP2 Atemschutzmasken zur Prophylaxe von Schmier- & Tröpfcheninfektionen - im 1er oder 5er Set - Individuell anpassbar für Kinder & Erwachsene - Atem & Mundschutz, Feinstaub- & Staubmaske


The respirator mask from VEVOX® effectively protects against dangerous particles, smoke and mist at the workplace. It is 100 percent tight and sits very comfortably due to the flexible nose clip and the soft nose padding. Thus, the breathing mask adapts to your face shape and is particularly tight and comfortable.

The respirators from VEVOX® are constantly subjected to the strictest controls and impress with their significantly denser nose pieces, tear-resistant rubber bands and high-quality filter valve.
The respirator is suitable for renovation and refurbishment work, but this respirator is also perfect on the construction site.

As already mentioned, the respirator reduces the chance of becoming infected a lot more than with commercially available mouthguards or respirators of class FFP 1, but the chance is never zero. In order to reduce the risk, it is still advisable to wear respiratory masks.

These are available in packs of 5 and 10. These masks are also ideal for people who wear glasses.


  • suitable for construction site renovation and refurbishment work
  • tight and comfortable
  • certified quality
  • Water repellent.
  • 1er 5er or 10er packs available


  • not always available due to demand
X-plore 1920 V dust mask
Dräger X-plore 1920 V | Staubmaske | Größen S/M/L | 5er/10er-Pack | FFP2-Atemschutzmaske mit Ventil | Gr. S, 10 Stück

The FFP 2 class respirator mask from Dräger offers effective respiratory protection against fine dust and harmful particles. Thanks to the specially made shape, the flexible nose shape and the soft materials, you can put the mask perfectly on your face. The mask is also suitable for people who wear glasses.

With the help of the CoolMax valve, the breathing air is optimally discharged and thus reduces the heat and moisture development under the mask. The CoolSAFE technology also enables lower breathing resistance. The mask is available in three different sizes, with the size S 10 pieces are supplied, with the sizes M and L only 5 pieces.

This mask is very suitable for one-time use, such as at the airport or on an airplane, the filtering of harmful substances ensures that the respiratory mask makes you feel good, but you must note that wearing a respiratory mask never increases the risk of infection Will be zero.


  • choose between several sizes
  • effective respiratory protection against harmful particles
  • seals perfectly


  • not always available due to high demand

Features of a face mask of class FFP 2:

Each respirator mask of the three FFP protection classes is more suitable for protection against a corona infection than conventional mouth guards. However, you should not build up a false sense of security because the protection offered, even with an FFP3 respirator, never offers complete security. However, the risk is reduced considerably.

Respirators of class FFP 2 may have a maximum permeability of 11 percent, compared to the 22 percent permeability of an FFP 1 respirator, the permeability is reduced considerably.

The filter function of the FFP2 protection class is also more promising. Instead of 80 percent compared to class FFP 1, breathing masks of class FFP 2 have to collect 94 percent of the particles up to a size of 0.6 µm in the air.

In addition to breathing masks of class FFP 3, these masks offer the greatest possible protection against viruses and fine dust. In addition to wearing a mask, you should not neglect the other hygiene measures. This is important because such masks often create a false sense of security.

FFP2 respirators are usually used by doctors or on construction sites where there is a risk to health.

Since a large number of mouthguards are already sold out in many German pharmacies and online, people are now reaching for the face masks with an FFP class. But FFP respirators are also sold out in many places or are offered at very high prices.

You don’t have to look for FFP3 respirators, FFP2 masks also reduce the risk of infection.

Inform yourself daily about news and spread this newly acquired knowledge in your circle of friends or your family, because unnecessarily spreading panic does not help anyone.

Wearing safety glasses can also help against the corona virus:

our recommendation

Schutzbrille, Anti-Spuck-Flüssigkeitsspritze, Kontaktlinsen, staubdicht, atmungsaktiv, Augenschutz, multifunktionale geschlossene Schutzbrille 2PCS

Safety goggles,

With the link you buy at the same price, but we may receive a commission.

Other protective measures against the corona virus:

The coronavirus is known to spread from person to person through droplet and smear infection. To protect yourself against possible infection, you should also pay attention to your own hygiene in addition to wearing a face mask of class FFP 2 or FFP 3 .

The regular washing of hands with soap and the disinfection of the hands with disinfectant against coronavirus must now take place increasingly, this applies especially when entering the apartment and when leaving public transport.

In principle, you should also avoid touching your face, as pathogens can also reach your mucous membranes via your hands.

In addition to hygiene, wearing protective goggles and gloves can help prevent infection of the coronavirus.

Our recommendation: 3athlet’s disinfectant

The novel corona virus can also be transmitted via the hands. In the form of a smear infection, the pathogens often get into their own organism through the contaminated hands.

For example, if you touch a contaminated surface and then touch your face, the pathogens can come into contact with your mucous membranes via your mouth, nose or eyes and cause an infection.

For this reason, it is important to focus on hand hygiene. In addition to regular and thorough hand washing, hand disinfection is also an important precaution to minimize the risk of infection.

The corona virus is one of the enveloped viruses, which is why it is quite susceptible to disinfectants.

When buying a coronavirus disinfectant, you should look for the labels ” virucidal limited “, ” virucidal limited plus ” or ” virucidal “. The disinfectants labeled in this way can be used to kill the coronavirus.

We therefore advise you to buy such disinfectants and should you be on the move always carry one with you.

We at Wanderzauber.de have chosen an effective disinfectant, one with the highest of the three effectiveness labels “ virucidal ”. The 3Athlet disinfectant was rated “very good” in the dermatest and reliably kills coronaviruses .

our recommendation

Hygiene VOS Cremeseife 5 Liter milde Waschlotion Seifencreme rosa für alle gängigen Druckspendersysteme und Seifenspender

3 athlete 5 liter canister

With the link you buy at the same price, but we may receive a commission.

In addition, the disinfectant is certified by the Association for Applied Hygiene (VAH) and there is no classification of hazardous substances. In addition, the disinfectant, which does not require any additional colors and fragrances, is gentle on all types of surfaces .

The disinfectant is available from the 3athlet online shop and is currently available .

If you want to stock up on everything, you can purchase the 3athlet disinfectant in a 5 liter canister (show price ). However, the remedy is also available in liters in a set with a few microfiber cloths (show price ).

View the disinfectant in the online shop now

You should use such a disinfectant whenever you think you have come into contact with the virus. You can use soap at home instead.

How does the Robert Koch Institute assess the current situation in Germany?

The Robert Koch Institute expects further individual cases to be imported into Germany in the near future.

The current situation in Germany is currently very dynamic and should continue to be observed with caution.

The risk to the health of the population of Germany from the new virus is now classified as high, because since March 8, 2024 all federal states have reported confirmed cases with the new lung disease.

Since April 2, 2024, Germany has officially reported more infected people than China, more than one million people worldwide have now contracted COVID-19 and over 200 countries have reported confirmed infections with the novel lung disease.

Closing schools and day care centers and other regulations now have a major impact on our everyday lives.

Leisure establishments such as bars, cinemas, theaters, swimming pools and clubs also remain closed, all regulations apply until the end of the Easter holidays, only then will the situation be reassessed.

To prevent spreading within Germany, it is all the more important to identify and isolate cases at an early stage. The entire population should take care of themselves and their surroundings and comply with hygiene standards such as hand washing and disinfecting.

Avoiding the public and minimizing social contacts also belong, because only by interrupting the chains of infection and reducing contact can the medical system overcome this challenge and not collapse and thus save the lives of as many people as possible.

The exit restrictions introduced in Germany have brought initial success.

Wearing respiratory masks and, if not available, commercially available mouthguards is advisable to reduce the reproductive rate of the virus.

In some places in Germany, a mandatory mask is also being introduced. In Berlin’s buses and trains, for example, masks must be worn from April 27th. This is also mandatory in shops in many places.

Further information on the subject of coronavirus can be found on the website of the Robert Koch Institute .

The editors of Wanderzauber wish all readers a healthy and brave time in this time of crisis. We also ask that you remain careful and responsible and follow the instructions and recommendations of the official authorities.

Wearing safety glasses can also help against the coronavirus:

our recommendation

NITRAS Medical 8320 BLACK WAVE Nitril-Einmalhandschuhe, Schwarz, Gr. M, 100 Stk.


With the link, you buy at the same price, but we may receive a commission.


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