Already in February photos appeared that kissed singer Sarah Lombardi (27, “Heartbeat”) with soccer player Julian Büscher (27) on the edge of a field. Now the two presented themselves in love on an Instagram story. A photo shows how the kicker presses a kiss on the cheek of his loved one. There was also a declaration of love.

“Soo, that’s it! I found my place for the rest of the day, ”Büscher wrote about the boomerang selfie with his girlfriend, with an arm around her. At the top you can also read “A little bit proud of you!”. Lombardi looks happy and shines at the camera.

According to the website of his club TuS Haltern am See , Julian Büscher has already kicked in Washington DC and the Canadian Premier League. The 27-year-old has also completed a distance learning course in international business and works in an advertising agency for communication and sports.

In December Lombardi announced the separation from friend Roberto. In summer 2018, she made the relationship public on social media with a first couple photo. The singer was married to Pietro Lombardi (27, “Fighter’s Heart”) from 2013 until the divorce in 2019. In 2015 their son Alessio (4) was born. The couple separated in 2016.


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