As is now known, a tragedy took place on Friday in the Upper Bavarian Alps near Farchant (district of Garmisch-Partenkirchen), where a 57-year-old woman from Baden-Württemberg had embarked on a tour to the Hohen Fricken and did not go into hers until the evening After her relatives reported missing, the search began and the woman was found dead.

The woman, from Baden-Württemberg, left for a tour to the Hohen Fricken on Friday without an accompaniment. But when she did not return from the tour in the evening, her relatives reported the 57-year-old as missing. A search operation by the mountain rescue service, fire brigade and police was triggered. On Saturday morning, the emergency services discovered the woman's body from a helicopter and initiated the body's rescue operation. According to initial knowledge, she probably crashed several hundred meters in the rocky terrain and then succumbed to her injuries. Now a crisis intervention team looks after the relatives of the deceased. It is still completely unclear how the serious accident came about.



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