Usually the fans know Florian Silbereisen as an active and always cheerful person. But now the fans suddenly have to think about the smart entertainer. Because now the only 38-year-old Florian suddenly speaks of death and his ideas of eternity. What brought the successful entertainer to this point?

In the riverboat talk show, the well-known singer, presenter and actor had recently become very thoughtful and had even dealt with a serious topic such as death. “It would be too sad for me to imagine that it will eventually end. I hope there is still a place somewhere where you can sing a little bit on some cloud or have a good time, ”the popular entertainer thinks about life after death. But why is the relatively young entertainer so concerned about a possible death so early? Apparently the reason is that the entertainer is generally very religious and belief plays an important role in his life. “Everyone has their faith. But for me it would be a very sad idea if I would be disposed of by the flies and maggots, ”the entertainer openly admits.

Florian Silbereisen himself has already admitted that his belief also helped him get over the separation from Helene Fischer (35). The entertainer and the singer had been a couple for more than ten years before the relationship suddenly broke up a little over a year and a half ago. But Florian now sees the thing positively and is sure that this thing did not happen without reason. “Some say it is a coincidence – I sometimes say it is fate what happens in life. And that helps me. I am a very positive person. And even if something does not work so well, I think it will be good for something. He’ll know what he’s doing there. ”Good to know that Florian therefore relies on God’s assistance in everyday life. “Before I go on stage, I say a short prayer. It’s good for me. Sometimes it’s just a conversation. It gives me a bit of peace and security, ”explains the 38-year-old frankly.



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