What madness! A man died on a train – the body was not found for 5 hours and sat in its seat! Due to the corona situation, the conductors are advised not to check!

A body was on a train for five hours – and nobody noticed. The staff could not discover the body because it should not interact with the passengers for fear of the corona virus! The 60-year-old suffered a heart attack shortly after he got on at 6:27 p.m.

The man was supposed to get off at Stockport just eight minutes later, but his body was only found at the terminus in Bournemouth, 250 miles away. A cleaner made the gruesome discovery on Saturday in the city's central train depot.

A source said: “Because of the Covid 19 outbreak, conductors were instructed not to interact with passengers.

"They don't go through the wagons and check the tickets and make sure that everyone is okay as they would otherwise." Sad – what happens in the Corona era



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