First to the Seats. They are very comfortable. They are also leathers. They smell good, leather. You can adjust a lot on it, even some of the parts independently of each other.

touching or sliding a lever, and the seat part slides silently to the front or the rear or in the perfect angle. I know this so well, because I had a lot of time. The BMW 6 series GT and I were much. So he stood, I sat, and pushed the lever.

This was not due to him, but to Berlin. Something happened recently in this city, which makes them difficult to negotiate. You could also say she’s well on the way to the European Standard: plenty of storage, lots of construction, little Parking, and more one-way streets.

And the bigger the car, the worse it is. The BMW 6 series GT is a very large, very wide, very long. The first many hours with him, I spend wedged in between the other traffic participants.

It is not so, that it was a Surprise that this is more of a car for outside the city. Not only because it is Gran Turismo, so much is now. But its dimensions are obvious at first glance. They apply all the same for the inside.

space is everywhere, even for large people in the back seat. And for very large items, especially, if one removes the people and the banks umklappt. Bicycles, disassembled wardrobes: no Problem (Luggage, space: 1800 litres).

These dimensions are for the other, apparently much clearer. At the beginning, during the first hours of Congestion, I think it’s a coincidence, but it happens three, four, five Times. Unter den Linden, Alexanderplatz, Charlottenburg and Neukölln, in virtually every second traffic light. Means of young men across look, patterns the car with an interested facial expression, how you carry it in hardware stores.

I understand that later, when my little neighbor and her uncle – the Only one who shined in our street on Saturday his car – try to explain to me this Instant fascination. Summary: He’s new, he’s big, he has up to 340 HP, it is expensive (base price: 60.600 EUR), and you can see it.

you explain to me the advantages over the previous model (5-series GT, cumbersome in weight and Design). And he was fast, says the smallest neighbor. This will prove to the 6-series GT is actually a little later on the highway. In spite of the mass he manages to speed up in a few seconds without a lot of fuss to 100 km/h and from there to over 200.

But the 6-series GT is still rather the rich uncle as the fleet’s nephew. It comes to such ideas, even if you reject the anthropomorphizing of vehicles. This has to do with the fact that this car is already quite independent. Or in the words of the manufacturer: He has a lot of intelligent driving assistance systems. Plural.

Much of this has to do with security. In front of people and vehicles, he is to warn, a “City emergency brake”. The speed of the track, avoiding collisions, is not all that and is still very much monitored in case of doubt, only passive.

After all, the BMW is a GT 6-series, not impatient, because as soon as the systems at the Maneuver is not a walk through the city. My error says, however, the second-smallest neighbour: “You’re too defensive.” That the 6 series GT can also Park alone, remote controlled via the Display of the smart car key, and that I have not tried this, not I’ll tell him then.

The rapture has a name: air suspension

The paternalistic trend of the car also starts well before these assistance systems at all. Get, put, fasten your seat belts: the belt to draw again. He adjusted absolutely every Time, absolutely every Time, it makes for irritated passenger views. But it is also over with irritation.

I drive him, he drives me, so clear is this, everything happens smoothly and trouble-free and harmonious. He urges cautious on the windshield, if the maximum speed is exceeded, he painted there in a friendly way, and announces that to turn when the navigation device is turned on. Its adaptive-LED headlamp to adjust the light distribution automatically to the current speed, even in daylight. Then get on the highway.

The BMW 6 series GT drives easily faster. And faster. You realize it or not, the shifting of the eight-speed automatic. But this car is not locking, of course, it slides. The road is far away. Everything seems a bit far. The rapture has a name: air suspension. And the Interaction of the systems, of course.

It is very convenient fast and inexpensive for the operator. Shortly after the airport cross. But there was something actually happens: Something intervenes into the steering Wheel. About as gentle as my driving instructor, and was in a previous life in the NVA. I was not minimal hazards in the middle of the track.

It could probably go on forever, and it’s clear he’s made for the highway. But he can Brandenburg? We turn onto the country road. Turn is also something he mastered very well, at all: the curves, in spite of its massiveness.

Momentarily, you forget even its sheer size,

Endless avenues. Small Villages. Rows of trees, fields, sky; cobblestone streets, a Church, a village square: It is like in a friendly home movie, all gently pulls over, attenuated, buffered. It is very quiet, if you have not set something else. Or with the navigation device. The voice control doesn’t work very well, Gestures are he responds necessarily when he should. Trapped in the home movie we forget sometimes, even its sheer size.

You will be remembered. Guaranteed. Just when the homecoming ends in the city in a car Park. Here, there is still the last adventure, before the five-Meter-long car protects a otherwise. Fortunately, the systems, and the all-round camera. After all, he’s finally calm: panic will beep at one second intervals until the Aussteigeton.

But we are in a gap. There is nothing happening. It was casual, says of the oldest of the small neighbors.


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