Dua Lipa only noticed after the completion of ‘Break My Heart’ that the song had similarities to ‘Need You Tonight’ by INXS.

The 24-year-old musician gave the group around Andrew Farriss and the late Michael Hutchence credits for the track on her new album ‘Future Nostalgia’ because she didn’t want to be sued.

Dua Lipa: Hat sie einen Song von INXS geklaut?

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Still, she asserts that the similarity of the melody was not intentional. Asked about the credit on her LP, Dua replied in the ‘Pop Shop’ podcast from ‘Billboard’: “When we were in the studio, we didn’t connect the dots. We just thought ‘Oh yes, that’s great!’ We had such a high and just worked on it, then I listened to it again and just thought ‘Wait a minute …’ The guys from INXS, the ones who take care of the releases, were really nice and liked the song, so they gave it we gave them a publishing credit for the track, because that was only fair. ”

She doesn’t want a lawsuit

It was particularly important to Dua Lipa not to be sued in the end, as she explains in the interview. After all, there are quite a few artists who remain in legal disputes for years, because it is not agreed who is the author of a certain melody.

To choose the right tracks for her album, the ‘New Rules’ interpreter simply imagined which songs she would like to perform at the Glastonbury Festival. In the interview, Dua reveals: “If I could perform the song at Glastonbury, then it should be on the album.” (Bang)


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