Capital: € 4 million
Age: 49
Born: 04/02/1971
Country of origin: Germany
Source of wealth: Moderator, entertainer
Last updated: 2022

Short introduction

He actually wanted to be a radio presenter, but his career took him from a show intern with Stefan Raab to one of the most famous German TV hosts.

Early life

Elton – real name Alexsander Duszat – was born on April 2, 1971 in West Berlin. He had his first points of contact with his later profession after graduating from high school when he was training to be a radio and television technician.


After completing his apprenticeship, he did an internship at the music and sports editorial office delta Kiel and moderated his first show “Elton Street” at Hamburg 1, in which he appeared under his stage name Elton. From 2001 he had occasional television appearances. With Stefan Raab’s TV total on Pro7, he moderated the first television shows as a show intern. Stefan Raab helped him in his shows Schlag den Raab and in the quiz “Kassieren oder Blamieren” on TV totally further experiences as a TV presenter. Since 2004 he has worked closely with Simon Gosejohann, with whom he put on the show “Elton vs Simon-die Show”. Alexander Duszet remains loyal to Pro7 as the moderator of the formats “Die Alm”, “Die Burg,“ The Dome ”and with his own show“ Elton zockt ”. Since 2010 he has moderated “1,2 or 3”. From 2015 he moderated the show “Who knows something?” With Kai Pflaume and Bernhardt Hoecker. Since October 2018 he has moderated the Pro7 game show “All Against One”. On Pro7 he continues to act as moderator for “Beat the Henssler”, “Beat the Best” and “Beat the Star”. As moderator for the Eurovisons song contest 2018 “Our song for Lisbon” he led several singers through the show. Since Alexander Duszat actually started as a radio host, it makes sense that he will also do a good job as a voice actor. He has already successfully contributed to the soundtrack for The Little Polar Bear 2, The Mysterious Island, Halo 3, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Donkey Schott, The Puss in Boots and most recently in 2012 “Janosch: Come, we will find a treasure”.

Career highlights

2001-2015: Total TV
2001-2003; 2013:
2004-2006: Elton vs. Simon (together with Simon Gosejohann), 2008,2010,2012 Elton vs Simon -The show, from 2012: Elton vs. Simon – the live show
2011: Elton travels
since 2015: Who knows that?
2004: The Alm
2005: The castle
2006-2015: Bundesvision Song Contest (in the Green Room)
2006-2015: Beat the Raab (as moderator of the quiz embarrassing or cashing in)
2007: The Dome
since 2010: 1, 2 or 3
2013: Elton gambles – LIVE
2014: Millionaire election
since 2016: hit the star
since 2016: the super timpanists
2017-2018: Hit the Henssler
2018: Our song for Lisbon
since 2018: all against one
since 2019: beat the best

Special awards

2003: Romy as the most popular newcomer
2007: Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards as Hidden Talent
2008: German Comedy Award in the category Best Comedy Show for Elton vs. Simon
2012: German Comedy Award in the Best Comedy Event category for Elton vs. Simon – The live show

Famous quotes

“With Raab, I wouldn’t go for a coffee privately.”

Amazing facts

In 2008 he was named the “Worst Dressed Moderator” by a magazine. One would hardly have expected Elton’s respectable athletic performance, because in 2007 he ran the New York Marathon in a good time of 5 hours and 30 minutes, even though doctors advised him against it.

Originally, Elton did not want to pursue television, but rather as a radio host.

The artist name “Elton” was created because of its similarity to the musician Elton John.

Elton is a loyal fan of FC St. Pauli and publishes a soccer song every two years for the World Cup and European Championship. He is socially involved with other well-known TV stars such as Tim Mälzer and Heinz Struck for the St. Pauli drinking water initiative “Viva con Agua”. It is also occasionally seen on the lawn for charities such as the “Kicking with a Heart” campaign.

Although Elton is referred to as Stefan Raab’s foster son and has a lot to thank him for, he says he would not go for coffee with him privately. The drifting apart of the TV duo became apparent after Elton’s frequent absence from Show TV total, as well as at the Stock Car Challenge when Elton Raab showed her middle finger after a crash.


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