Capital: € 750,000
Age: 17th
Born: 10/26/2002
Country of origin: Los Angeles, California, United States
Source of wealth: Actress and presenter
Last updated: 2022

Short introduction

Emma Tiger Schweiger is a German-American actress and presenter, who became famous especially through German productions alongside her father, the successful German actor Til Schweiger.

Early life

Emma Schweiger was born on October 26, 2002 in Los Angeles, USA. Her parents are German actor Til Schweiger and Dana Schweiger, an American entrepreneur. Emma is the youngest child of the couple, who divorced in 2014. She has two older sisters, Lilli and Luna Schweiger.

Because of her father’s profession, both Emma and her two older sisters, both of whom are actresses, came into contact with this industry early on, and obviously all three sisters had both the interest and the talent in the footsteps of their successful father to kick. Father Til Schweiger also supported the acting ambitions of his three daughters.


Emma Schweiger had her first acting appearance at the age of just three years in 2005 with her father Til Schweiger; she was seen as an extra with only a small role in the film “Barefoot” produced by her father Til Schweiger. After this small appearance, the career of the youngest Schweiger sprout really got going. In 2007, at the tender age of only five, Emma Schweiger played the supporting role of the child Chayenne Blue in the film “Keinohrhasen”, the most successful German film this year.

When the sequel to “Keinohrhasen”, namely “Zweiohrküken”, appeared in 2009, the role of Emma Schweiger of the Chayenne Blue was again on board and the now seven-year-old enthused the cinema audience with her acting skills.

In the same year the film “Herrenherzen” also appeared, in which she again played a supporting role alongside her father Til Schweiger and actor Christian Ulmen.

It then took just two years for Emma Schweiger to take her first leading role in a movie. In the film “Kokowääh”, released in 2011, Emma Schweiger played the role of Magdalena, the daughter of the main character, who is portrayed by her father Til Schweiger. But here, too, this father-daughter team is convincing.

Also in 2011, Emma Schweiger skillfully portrayed the daughter of a woman with cancer in the tragicomedy “And away you are”. This was the first film in Emma Schweiger’s career in which she does not play alongside her father, which does not detract from the quality of her acting.

But Emma Schweiger is not only interested in acting, but also in moderation, as she also demonstrated in 2011 when she moderated the German animal series “Die Pfotenbande” with her two sisters Lilli and Luna.

In 2012 Emma Schweiger – again with her father Til Schweiger – made the sequel to the hit film “Kokowääh 2”, which is in no way inferior to the first part.

In 2013 Emma Schweiger proved to be a voice actress and took on a speaking role in the animated film “Keinohrhase und Zweiohrküken”, which was produced by her father Til Schweiger.

In 2014 followed another role for Emma Schweiger on the side of her father Til Schweiger and the German actor Dieter Hallervorden in the context of the drama “honey in the head”, which deals with the dementia disease.

In March 2015, Emma Schweiger continued her career as a moderator and hosted the show “The Game Begins” on ZDF alongside Johannes B. Kerner. Also in 2015 began filming a film adaptation of the children’s book “Conni & Co”, in which Emma Schweiger plays the main role of Conni. Of course Emma Schweiger also plays the main role in the sequel “Conni & Co. 2”, for which filming started in 2016,

Career highlights

At the tender age of just nine years, namely in 2011, Emma Schweiger already won two youth awards, namely the “Video Champion” and the “New Faces Award”. Just a year later, Emma Schweiger was awarded the “Romy” television prize.

Famous quotes

“A life as a surgeon or photographer would suit me well. It’s always annoying to give interviews. ”

“So now the bear knows what it really smells like in the forest!” – Emma Schweiger as Chayenne Blue in the film “Two-eared chick”

Amazing facts

Emma Schweiger was godmother for the cruise ship AIDAprima in May 2016 during the 827th port birthday in Hamburg.

Emma Schweiger says she lives vegan and is committed to the rights of animals. As part of a PETA campaign called “Vegan is not difficult,” she promoted this diet in 2018.

Emma Schweiger now lives with her mother in the United States after living with her mother in Hamburg, Germany.


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